Introducing the Android SDK for SITU Scale!

Android SITU Scale SDK art

After the massive success of our SITU Scale SDK for iOS and OS X we’ve had a lot of developers ask us if they could begin making Android apps for SITU Scale.

Well now they can!

We’re very pleased to announce the SITU Scale Android SDK.

In the Android SDK you’ll find:

•    A library to talk to SITU Scale.
•    A sample app to see how to integrate the library.

This SDK can be used to create Android apps (version 4.3+) for use with SITU Scale for both smartphones and tablets.

You can learn more about the SITU Scale SDK for Android (and OS X and iOS) and download it here.

Customers PLEASE NOTE: There is no official Android app (yet) for SITU Scale. This SDK is only for developers so they can make their own third-party SITU apps for Android you can then download when they make them publicly available. We will make an announcement about the official SITU Scale Android app closer to its launch.


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