These guidelines (Guidelines) set out the rules for using or referring to the trademarks owned by Michael Grothaus Limited, company number 08275317, registered in England and Wales (referred to in this contract as “SITU”).

These Guidelines are designed to protect us from a legal perspective, but also to ensure our customer support team isn’t spending a bunch of time fielding enquiries for third party apps.

Short version…

• Please only use the SITU trademarks as permitted under these Guidelines.

• Please don’t do anything that is likely to make customers think your work is ours.

• Example of our preference for product naming: “SITU® Smart Food Nutrition Scale” vs “SITU scale”.

• Please do not use the SITU logo (or parts of it) except with our prior written permission.

Official sounding version…

For the purposes of these Guidelines, any reference to “SITU trademark(s)” includes all registered or unregistered trademarks and trade names (such as words, names, symbols, devices, slogans, or combination of these) owned by SITU from time to time and including, without limitation, the word ‘SITU®’ and our symbol.

These Guidelines apply to any party wishing to use or refer to SITU trademarks. If you are a licensee of a SITU trademark and have been provided with special trademark usage guidelines with your licence agreement, please follow those guidelines. If your licence agreement does not provide usage guidelines, then follow these Guidelines.

By using a SITU trademark, you are acknowledging that SITU is the sole owner of the trademark and promising that you will not interfere with SITU’s rights to the trademark, including challenging SITU’s use, registration of, or application to register such trademark, alone or in combination with any other words or symbols, anywhere in the world. The goodwill derived from using any part of a SITU trademark enures exclusively to the benefit of and belongs to SITU.

You may use or refer to the SITU word mark (but no part of the SITU logo) in a referential phrase on packaging or promotional/advertising materials to describe that the third party product is compatible with the referenced SITU product or technology, provided they comply with the following requirements:

• The SITU word mark is used in a referential phrase such as “compatible with”, “works with”, etc.

• The trademark is used with the appropriate trade mark symbol e.g. SITU®

• The product is in fact compatible with, or otherwise works with, the referenced SITU product.

• The reference to SITU does not create a sense of endorsement, sponsorship, or false association with SITU or SITU products and services.

Nothing in these Guidelines permit you to use or register in any jurisdiction, whether foreign or domestic, a trade mark, company, business or domain name that incorporates any SITU trademark.

If you have any questions regarding these Guidelines, please contact SITU at .

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