SITU was invented by a former Apple employee who struggled for years to lose weight. He knew cooking fresh foods at home was the best way to eat, but soon realized how hard sticking to a fresh food, calorie-controlled diet could be.

That’s because most fresh foods like whole grains, fish, lean meats, cheeses, vegetables, and fruits don’t have nutrition labels. Since people naturally tend to overestimate the “good” nutrients they assume are in their foods and underestimate the “bad” nutrients, those eating fresh foods often end up eating more calories, sugars, and salts than they think, thus their diets often fail. So he came up with the idea for SITU–a smart food nutrition scale that shows the user the amount of calories and nutrients in virtually any food they place on it. He then teamed up with his best friend to bring SITU to life.

He has lost 80 pounds in six months using SITU. After experiencing such a radical transformation based solely on acting on the information SITU provides, they now want to see SITU help others reach their fitness goals too, whether it’s slimming down, bulking up, reducing their bad nutrition intake, or eating more of the good stuff.






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At SITU we believe technology doesn’t only make our lives more fun. We believe the best technology has the potential to make our lives better.

Since happiness is so often related to health, we believe technology that helps us make healthier choices – that can help us lead healthier lives – is the noblest technology of all.

We think SITU fulfills that goal.






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