Meet Situ

SITU is the simple food scale that talks to your iPhone and iPad. It weighs your food in calories and total nutrients, as well as in grams and ounces. That means SITU gives you the calorie and nutrient content of what you’re about to eat.

SITU sends the weight of your food to the app which tells you the calorie and nutritional content of that handful of snacks, how much salt is in that chunk of cheese, or the amount of sugar in that piece of bread. It does this for your complete meals cooked at home, and even those bought in. SITU helps you learn, which allows you to act on the information it reveals.



The entire app is designed with search and tap simplicity, making SITU as user-friendly as possible. Simply do a text search for the food you are weighing and then tap it to add it to the plate screen. Like magic, the nutrition content of the food you’ve placed on SITU appears onscreen. SITU allows you to track entire meals–not just individual food items. See what’s in multi-layered sandwiches, pasta dishes, or that homemade soup.


Quickly navigate through every category of food and the foods they contain–included foods and categories from the built-in U.S. and U.K. nutrition databases, or foods you manually add on your own!


Track your complete nutrition intake over time! Tap on any date on the calendar to see your total daily nutrition intake and review all the meals you ate that day.


All nutrition data saved in the SITU app (iPhone only) is also available in the Health app in iOS 9 and above. Also, we know some families use a single iPad for everyone in the house. That’s why we support multi-user on the iPad so everyone in the family can have their own account (iPad only).


Add your own Custom Foods to the database! This means the database can contain any food you want. Also add ingredients together and save them as a dish using the My Dishes feature! This saves you having to reweigh individual ingredients each time you make a dish! Next time just put a portion of your dish on SITU to see its nutrition content.


Use government recommended daily allowances or customize each and every individual nutrient’s intake–like minimum and maximum daily calories, fats, and Omega-3’s–to reach your own health goals.


Manage your SITU food databases, select your preferred measurment units, tweak your custom dietary guidelines, and control your custom foods and dishes!

Tech Specs

Weight of the scale: 500 grams

Load weight: 5 kg / 11 pounds

Battery type: Four AAAs

Battery life: 6 months on average

Dimensions: 190mm (W) x 215mm (D) x 22mm (H)

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Supported devices: iPhone 4S or later, or any iPad Air, iPad mini, or iPad with Retina display, running iOS 9 or above.

*Final product may vary slightly from image shown.



Success stories

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  • “While SITU is ideal for those looking to lose weight, we also think it has real world potential for most people looking for a data-based diet. It also hints at the kind of biometric health-based future for technology that we are hearing musings about from Apple.”

  • “Losing weight is as simple as this; calories in must be less than calories out. This is called being in a calorific deficit. You can hit that goal through regular exercise, a healthier, controlled diet or, preferably, a combination of both. Let’s not pretend, this way of life requires discipline, and will power, but the tools and information to see it through too are just as important. SITU seems to provide both — the nutritional data is your information, the scale your tool.”

  • “Be the boss of your own diet with the Situ Smart Food Nutrition Scale.”

  • “Situ is definitely a great way to stay on top of your nutrition levels and makes dieting easier and simpler.”

  • “Yes, it’s a scale. But not an ordinary one. This one has brains. And it’ll make losing weight a hell of a lot easier.”


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