The SITU Scale app for Android is here!

Nov 24, 2017
SITU Scale

Main duo

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve been working hard on bringing Android support to SITU Scale and now the Android app is available for all to download! The free Android app works with all existing SITU Scales.

Second duo

Features of the Android app include:

  • Massive U.S. and U.K. database of fresh and packaged foods–including fast foods!
  • Calculates the calories and 40 other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.
  • Add your own Custom Foods to your local SITU database!
  • Add ingredients together and save them as a dish using the My Dishes feature! This saves you have having to reweigh individual ingredients each time you make a dish! Next time just put a portion of your dish on SITU Scale to see its nutrition content.
  • View calendar entries of your meal history.

You can download the free SITU Scale app for Android on the Google Play store now.


SITU is available at: