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Feb 28, 2017
SITU Scale

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We’ve been working hard on implementing many of the feature requests users have suggested. In the latest iOS app update (v. 2.3), out now, we’re very happy to announce the following:

Add take-out and restaurant food to your foods history

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We know that you probably don’t use the SITU scale to weigh and record every food you eat. The most obvious situation where you wouldn’t is when you eat out at restaurants or order takeaway. Well, now you can add foods you ate, which you didn’t weight on SITU scale to your foods history! Simply go to the Foods screen, tap the Add Take-Out Food button (it looks like a Chinese food container) and then add the food, its nutrition (often available from restaurants) and the amount you ate and this will be recorded in your foods history in the SITU app!

Custom food serving sizes are no longer limited to 100g units!

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Yay! Less math! Originally when we added custom foods support to SITU, we made you enter the food’s nutrient value in terms of 100-gram servings (the most common amount used for nutrition information). However, sometimes food labels list a food’s nutrition content in other sizes besides 100 grams, which meant you had to calculate what the nutrition content would be in 100 grams before you added the custom food to SITU’s database.

Well, no more! Now you can enter a custom food’s nutrition content based on the gram portion (no matter if that’s 100 grams, 50 grams, 33 grams–whatever!) that is on the label itself. Just enter what size the gram portion is and then enter the nutrition information for that size and the SITU app will automatically calculate the rest!

The latest SITU Scale for iPhone and iPad app is a free download.

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