The SITU Scale iPhone app is coming soon!

Sep 02, 2016
SITU Scale

SITU iPhone app beta

You asked for it! You waited for it! And now we’re happy to announce that we are bringing SITU Scale to the iPhone later this year!

We’re very happy to announce the SITU Scale iPhone app will launch to the general public this fall. We are currently working on finishing up the app for a beta release, with an expected final GM release this October.

The iPhone version of the SITU app will have an all-new interface built specifically for the iPhone and iOS 10. All the features you love about the current iPad app–custom foods, history, current plate–will be in the iPhone app as well as some brand new features including support for the iOS Health app via HealthKit!

Soon we’ll be releasing a public beta of the all-new iPhone and iPad app and we’re looking for SITU users who want to test the app out and give their feedback so they can help shape the development of the app!

The screenshots above are of early beta builds of the iPhone app and of support for Apple’s Health app (and they are far from finished). Other new features of the iPhone and new iPad app will include:

• support for iPhone!
• all-new streamlined interface for iPad
• no more drag and drop skeuomorphic interface. Search-based selection for foods.
• support for accessibility users
• support for HealthKit and the Health app
• improved ability to add custom foods
• expanded built-in food database featuring both US and UK food databases
• improved search



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